Reasons I Watch Television

I got bored, so I made a pie chart about it.

Reasons I Watch TelevisionIs it spring yet? :-)



Throwback Thursday: It’s All Here

I figured this video was perfect for today’s social media #ThrowbackThursday theme since it’s circa 2001. Enjoy!

Note: This is the first video I’ve uploaded since I heard about the Facebook algorithm change a few days ago. It’ll be interesting to see if there are any drastic changes with engagement.


This Is Why the Happiest & Healthiest States in America Are Winning

Alaska, Happiest State in America

When it comes to being happy and healthy, Alaska is winning.

The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index was released today, and it ranks states based on the elements most important to well-being, which are: purpose, social, financial, community, and physical.

Among the top ten states ranking as happiest and healthiest:

  1. Alaska
  2. Hawaii
  3. South Dakota
  4. Wyoming
  5. Montana
  6. Colorado
  7. Nebraska
  8. Utah
  9. New Mexico
  10. Texas

The interesting (but not surprising) thing about the states listed is that four also rank in the top 10 for rates of volunteering. That’s almost half of the happy and healthy states! I’m 99.9% sure that’s why they’re winning at life (literally!).

It’s clear that more volunteering = more happy people, and this is why everyone should do their part to support national service programs.

While I could talk for years about the benefits of incorporating volunteering in your own life, I’ll just let you read about it here, here, and here.

If you’re not happy, try volunteering. You’ll be glad you did. :-)

When was the last time you volunteered? Feel free to share by commenting below.




Here’s Why Facebook Photos Are No Longer Where It’s At (For Now)


Facebook logo


If you thought photos on your Facebook Page were the best way to increase reach and engagement, think again. According to a new study from social media analytics company, SocialBakers, photos now get the lowest average organic and fan reach.

For those of you familiar with the Facebook algorithm, you know that it’s always changing. Among reasons that this change might have occurred:

  • Facebook is competing with YouTube to dominate the online video viewing space.
  • Facebook pushed the importance of using photos so heavily that the newsfeed has become saturated with photos and Facebook is like, “Photos are so 2014. Let’s really confuse people/brands by changing the rules. It’ll be fun!”

With that being said, you’ll probably see an increase in videos until that’s no longer what Facebook deems “important.”

What are your thoughts? Have you been using video as part of your digital strategy? Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting below.


It’s Coming!

Be A Hero

On February 25, 2015, Vols across the country will learn how they can become a Hero for UT students and faculty. As a Volunteer Leader, I will be helping to spread the word to make a larger impact.


This Is Why Words Matter


5 Things You Should Never Do on LinkedIn

How often do you use LinkedIn? Are you using it effectively? In a recent post, I shared a piece from Mashable that I wasAre you LinkedIn? mentioned in about tips on using the professional network effectively. While I am not an expert on every aspect of LinkedIn, there are basic rules that are constantly broken. People are not understanding how they are being perceived, and I’m here to clear up a few things. Here’s my list of 5 things you should never do on LinkedIn:

1. Don’t Self-Promote

People like to talk about themselves. A lot.

My band director in high school used to say to us, “You shouldn’t have to brag about your performance. Your performance should speak for itself.” This holds true on LinkedIn as there are some individuals who feel the need to shove their expertise down everyone’s throat in a sad attempt to get noticed.

Rule of thumb: On LinkedIn, you shouldn’t have to brag about your expertise. Your expertise should speak for itself. SHOW people on LinkedIn that you’re an expert… don’t TELL them. Bragging about yourself by posting links to your own blog or attempting to sell your product will only annoy people. Cut it out. Instead, share great content and be an active participant in groups related to your industry. If you provide thoughtful responses to discussion questions, I guarantee that you’ll win people over.

2. Don’t Ask Strangers for a Recommendation

Believe it or not, people do it. A lot. You should only ask for recommendations from individuals you’ve had a working relationship with who can comment at length about your work ethic, assets, and character. If you’re asking a complete stranger for a recommendation, you’re going to have a bad time. It communicates desperation.

3. Don’t Send a Generic Invitation to Connect

You know the drill…


I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

I’m all about meeting new people online. If we’ve never exchanged messages back and forth or we don’t have any mutual connections, then PLEASE take the extra 2 minutes to tell me a little about yourself and why you’d like to connect. Taking that extra step could mean the difference between an accepted request or a rejected one.

4. Don’t Add People to Your Distribution List Without Permission

The other day, I received a request to connect from someone. We were in some of the same groups and had commented on some of the same discussions. Since I was somewhat familiar with this person, I decided to accept the request.

Harmless, right? Wrong.

This person apparently added me to a distribution list without my permission. A solicitation was sent to a group of people and get this… EVERYONE’S NAME AND EMAIL WERE VISIBLE!

Two of my biggest pet peeves: people who overuse “reply-all” and people WHO ADD OTHERS TO A DISTRIBUTION LIST WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION.

The outcome: Connection removed. Reported for spam. Buh-bye.

5. Don’t Be a LinkedIn Ghost

I like creating new words and phrases, and this is one of them. A LinkedIn ghost is simply someone who has a completely bare profile and no profile picture. LinkedIn is a site for networking, and no one wants to network with a ghost. People want to know who you are and what you’re about. People also want to see what you look like. If you don’t have either of these elements, don’t expect to get too far with your networking efforts. It’s all about being personable.

Did I miss anything? What frustrates you when using LinkedIn? Be sure to share by leaving a comment below.



The Most Important Thing to Remember About ADHD


This Is Why Listening to Others Is Important


Facebook Wants You to say ‘Thank You’ to Your Friends

Facebook Thank You

On Wednesday, Facebook launched a new way to say ‘thank you’ to a friend. ‘Say Thanks‘ pulls mutually shared moments and photos to create a short video complete with background music.

If you begin to see an influx of ‘thank you’ videos in your newsfeed, this would be why.

Make your own ‘thank you’ video by visiting

Introducing Say Thanks from Facebook on Vimeo.

Will you be creating a ‘thank you’ video for your friends?



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