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To leave the world better than I found it while encouraging others to do the same.

Stephen Anfield

That’s why I’m here. Like, on Earth.

I've worked in the nonprofit, private, and public sectors, and through it all, I look for ways to encourage and support those around me because everybody can be good at something.

I pay the bills by doing stuff on the internet. When I'm not working, personal growth, technology, sustainable & inclusive businesses, and leadership keep me entertained.

Thanks for stopping by!

My Values

Active Compassion

Because I don't want anyone to suffer. I know there's pain and suffering in the world, and I want to do what I can to alleviate that pain for others.


Because it's important for me to contribute beyond myself.


Because it's proof that I'm challenging myself.


Because I know I'm no better than anyone else.


Because I'm unapologetically me. Flaws and all.


Because why not?


Because "why?" is my favorite question. Asking "why?" helps me see opportunities for growth, connection, and a better world for all.


Because my humanity is connected to the humanity of others. No one should be left behind.


Because it's an investment in myself. If I don't invest in rest, then how can I expect to help anyone else?